Fees & Charges.

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What can I expect during an acupuncture visit?

The first visit usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. If your paperwork is not filled out ahead of time please allow up to 20 minutes to complete this and register as a patient.
 Expect a thorough history and appropriate examination/s, tongue and pulse reading and treatment with acupuncture, herbs, Chinese body work, moxibustion, or referral to another healthcare provider if necessary.

How long do follow up visits last?

Follow-up visits can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.


How many treatments will be needed and how often?

This will be depend on the severity and length of the ailment, in addition to the patients general health and their response to treatment. Acupuncture can be scheduled as often as daily to once a month. The optimal treatment plan for each patient will be discussed and revised with each visit as needed.


Can I have Acupuncture or use herbs with other therapies?

Acupuncture, herbs, and Chinese massage can be integrated with other health therapies but each case will be unique and will be discussed in order to optimize your treatment.


What is the cancellation policy?

It is understood that emergencies occur but we request a 24 hour notice for cancellations. If you miss an appointment a $35.00 missed appointment fee will apply. This is not to penalize the patient but to ensure a compensation for an appointment time another patient could have utilized and for the practitioners time commitment.


Do you accept health insurance?

We do accept PPO insurance.  You pay at the time of the visit and we will bill your insurance. We will let you know what your insurance will pay and any deductible and reimburse accordingly.  If you would like to bill the insurance yourself, payment is expected at the time of the visit and a “Super Bill” will be given to you which will have the necessary information from your appointment for you to send to your insurance for your reimbursement.


Do you accept HSAs or FSAs?

This office is compatible with all flex spending accounts. We can process your HFA/Flex debit card directly.


What happens if I feel an acute illness coming on when I’m scheduled for an appointment?

This is a great place to be treated for colds and/or flus. We can help you the alleviate or minimize symptoms and assist in a quicker resolution of the illness. If you feel as though you just need to stay home and rest but would really like to reschedule please let us know as soon as possible.


What should I expect from a treatment/ Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles placed in the the body can create several sensations like heaviness, aching, sometimes a little sharpness, or nothing. Depending on how deep and the type of stimulation a practitioner uses you may feel your muscles twitch. For most people the treatment is painless or minimal sensation and very relaxing and releasing.

Your response to acupuncture is as individual as you are. Some common experiences people have during and after receiving treatments are:

  • A reduction or elimination of symptoms.
  • Energy shifting or moving through the body and redistributing.
  • A deep relaxation or sensation of lightness.
  • A reduction of tension.
  • A sense of well being.
  • Sensing needles where none are inserted
  • Feeling as if the needles are still inserted after they come out.

After Your Treatment:

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Refrain from any strenuous activity.
  • Follow through with your treatment plan to ensure lasting results.
  • Rarely, a needle site may bruise or ache slightly.
  • You may feel groggy after your treatment, so it may be necessary to allow extra time before returning to work if needed.
  • Please call if you have any questions or concerns.


Conditions treated by Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine include but are not limited to the following:



Chronic Fatigue




Neck Pain


Skin Problems

Spinal Problems


Back Pain

Weight loss


Chemotherapy side effects



Natural Healing


Sleep Disorders